Collaborative Coding Experience

4th - 17th August 2013, Tampere, Finland

Course content

During the course, each group will design and create a web application that utilizes a RESTful API. The application is developed with a collaborative CoRED tool using Vaadin web framework. Feel free to try out a demo beforehand. At the end of the course the group will give a short demo presentation and a demo of their work.


To participate on the course you need basic programming skills, such as a programming 101 course in a university. Previous experience on object oriented programming, Java language and web programming may help but are not necessary.


The following books are used on the course:

Survival guide

For tips on how to get to Tampere, Finland and how to survive there, please check out the survival guide.

More information

Information on how to apply as well as other practical issues can be found on the BEST web site.