Collaborative Coding in the Web for the Web

CoRED is an experimental web-based collaborative real-time editor for software development. That is, an editor where multiple people can edit the same code at the same time using nothing more than a web browser.

Update: MIDEaaS

We are currently working on MIDEaaS (Mobile IDE as a Service), a CoRED-based collaborative web-based editor featuring a visual UI designer, Maven dependencies, testing support (coming), etc. You can try it out at this demo. Source code available at GitHub


A (somewhat dated) video of a couple of people coding with CoRED:

A video on real-time collaborative conflict-resolving tool:

MIDEaaS is also a utilized in an ITEA project called EASI-Clouds.


CoRED is available as open source under Apache 2.0 licence. It is implemented using the following software (licences in parentheses).

CoRED is developed mainly by Antti Nieminen and Janne Lautamäki at Tampere University of Technology.


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Posters on CoRED, MIDEaaS, and Collaborative Conflict-resolving.


For more information, please contact Antti and Janne.